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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tiny visions from my place today and some thoughts.....

Just some little visions from my house today. I have many different things in the works but thought rather than focusing on one thing I would just show some little glimpses into my mini life right now. I really enjoy blogging and the very nice friends it has brought to me. Something feels like its changing and I hope I'm wrong. There is already enough negative in the real world don't need it here too. I love pictures and love to see others pictures. I don't want to worry if I should show something or not. It was supposed to be fun. Mini hugs!


Caseymini said...

Kim, I am sure that you have been told this many times....Those look good enough to eat. At first glance, I thought you had spent the day in the real world cooking up a storm! Beautiful!

Patty said...

Kim, I love your little glimpse's that you have shared! Did you make the window? I love those that open like that but haven't seen them for sale! I agree with you about this being a fun place and hope you don't let anything change that for you. I love your posts and pictures!!! Your food is amazing! You have really taught yourself well!

Susan said...

Your sweet goodies are as delightful as ever Kim, thankyou for sharing them and all your other 'glimpses'!

Give yourself time out and let the negativity wash away. Blogland will still be here when you feel like popping back in and the people who love seeing your creations will be happy to have you back!

Norma said...

I was fooled too - I though you'd been in the 'real' kitchen at first LOL

I don't know what's made you feel there is negativity creeping into blogs Kim. I certainly haven't been aware of it myself. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places?? If that is a creeping trend then it sure would be a shame. I'm all for honest and constructive 'feedback' (especially if someone can suggest another, possibly better, way for me to achieve a 'look' or whatever that I'm striving for) but as for negativity there's enough of that in the media, etc, we don't need it here. I'm with you on that!

Have a great day! - altho since our time zones don't co-incide that's probably not a 'time appropriate' comment - LOL

Tabitha Corsica said...

Ah Kim...I need some of that cobbler...right now!! I know what you mean by negative vibes....but this too (hopefully) shall pass. Sad that such things interfer with what is truly supposed to be a fun, sharing hobby.


Claudia said...

I hope something didn't happen to you personally via your blog. most of this virtual world is pretty positive. I love your creations, Kim, and always enjoy seeing them.


Wanda said...

Kim, I am a big fan of your miniature works, and I find your blog and the many others I follow, extremely inspiring. Keep up the wonderful work you do! Thanks for sharing your work.

Carolyn said...

Kim, I hope your day is going well and that you are happy. Your blog is lovely and it is meant to be fun, so just do it when it seems like fun and don't let it be something that is anything except a nice way to keep in touch with all your friends and the people (like me) who really admire your work. xxxx Carolyn

Marion said...

I am reasonably new in blogworld and I want it to be fun too. I've seen some negative things the past few days, but since I'm in it for the fun and nothing else I steer away from the negativity and visit the positive blogs, like yours!!! :-) Keep going, I enjoy looking at what you're creating.

Les Vents du Monde said...

I love your "mini world" ! Please continue to show us all your beautiful work. It's so nice to come here after a very hard day in the real world !

Jill said...

Oh Kim, your blog is one of the first mini blogs that I ever discovered-- and still my favorite mini food blog EVER. It's got to be one of the most sweet, enchanting, and inspiring mini blogs in bloggyworld!

Heather said...

Hi kim,

I'm new to miniatures. The woman who works at the dollhouse shop near me sent me to your site because she thought I'd like your style. And boy was she right. Your work is amazing!

Love it!

miniacollection said...

Like others at first I thought it was real size, everything you make is so good.
Like Patty I would like to know more about the window, it's my dream to have a dollhouse with opening windows.
Less than a year that I am in the blog world and until now I haven't felt anything negative in it (except for 2 cases). I think it's great to be able to meet people, to discover and share beautiful miniatures. I'm sorry to read that you are having doubts and feeling there are negative changes.

PetitPlat Food Art said...

I know I rarely have the time to comment, but I hope it's not me the negative thing changing :/
I do love miniatures and I love your work and I really think you're an adorable person!
And yeah ok, I admit it, I'm jealous of all the mini rooms you made :D

I'm in mini-mood today, got a day off yesterday after the fair and all the stress in my life.

big mini-hugs!
bisous (kisses in French)

Liberty Biberty said...

You're right Kim, it's all about the fun!
You've no idea the joy it brings me to see your perfect tiny creations!

Debbie said...

Kim your blog is beautiful and inspiring. please continue to show your perfect creations to the World. Hopefully the negative element will quietly slip away.
Hugs to you my wonderful

Flora said...

Dear Kim, perhaps the contingent negative drives people to turn in on itself and makes them less available. But you're a lovely girl, nice and sweet, and nothing can happen to be negative about you!
I am sure that impression is dictated by the bad weather :-)
The pictures today are more greedy than ever: make me gain weight through the eyes!
Mini (sweet) hugs, Flora

Kim said...

Kim- your work is lovely and so realistic- the cobbler makes me hungry too! I think I know the negativity you are talking about. I think Jayne and Nikki had a good point:

The benefits from the friendships and positive feedback in blogging is worth more than the trouble being caused by someone.

People will continue to love your work and purchase your work not only because of the wonderful quality but also because of the sweet, kind and honest seller. I really hope that you don't stop showing us what you create because it brightens so many of our days ♥

Ascension said...

Unos preciosos trabajos, me encanta visitar los blogs y disfrutar de las maravillas que hacen las compañeras de aficion.
besitos ascension

mandy said...


The negative in life is put in front of us so we treasure our blessings all the more.
I truly love looking at your blog and being inspired by your creations. The creations I have from you are things I truly value. Keep smiling :)

Janne said...

Your sweet goodies are delightful.
Thanks for sharing your work!


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Oooh too mouth watering Kim, I so want something sweet to eat right now, should never look at your blog on an empty stomach!! Bang goes the diet! Kate xxx

Tallulah Belle said...

Hi Kim

Your goodies look real enough to eat as usual :-)

As for the negativity, I am pretty sure I know what you are talking about.

I honestly don't think anything is changing...just one person not playing fair and hopefully now that is all behind us.

I do hope you weren't upset by anything I wrote in my blog post. I am very non confrontational nor am I a gossip...I'd sooner things like this didn't happen. But, when someone questions that I am overcharging for my work then I have the right to stand up for myself.

I have had less contact with this person than others but will support my friends as much as I can as well.

I too will continue to show my work on my blog...warts and all. I know it's value as do the customers that buy it and I will not let one person stop me in my tracks.

I do hope that has eased your mind a little. I don't think this will go any further...just needed to be nipped in the bud before it got out of hand.

Jayne xxx

kibbygirl said...

You make the BEST stuff Kim!! I hope you aren't getting too discouraged by something. I love looking through your beautiful blog.

Anonymous said...

我來湊熱鬧的~~^^ 要平安快樂哦.....................................................................

Jean Day said...

You have been cooking up a storm!! Everything looks fabulous. I really hope it continues to be a really fun place for you to share! You will always be admired and hopefully it will always be in the best possible way. Jean♥