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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A little more Christmas and things for the mini kitchen

The perfect pair

Cupcakes with tiny peppermints on top

Filled for the mini kitchen and baker

Basket filled with baking goodies

Christmas magazine in the tiny drawer

Don't you love the metal bunnies?

Filled kitchen island love

Frosted sugar cookies

Chocolate bundt cake, cookie pops and more

 I love Christmas time. Most of you that know me already know that. I always love making miniatures at this time of the year. I finished these up today.  I have been home all day taking care of my little dog Mini. She is sick but I hope it won't be too long before she is smiling again like the cute little one at the end of this post. Gonna go cuddle with her now. Till next time. Mini hugs~ 


AshTreeCottage said...

I love your minis so much, but right now I want to send your little Mini lots of healing thoughts and prayers and a big virtual hug. Feel better soon Mini!!!

Susan and Bentley

kimsminiatures said...

Thanks so much. Mini and I appreciate them SO much. Hugs~

Dans ma bulle said...

All this makes me want to pastry
this is lovely and i love the two bunnies!

El mundo de PADI said...

Hermoso todo!! a mi también me encanta la Navidad!!, espero que tu mini perrito se mejore pronto, un gran abrazo y besos.

Lisa Marie said...

Hope little mini is better soon!

Fabiola said...

Beautiful mini Christmas items.
I wish to your little dog Mini a speedy recovery.
Bye Faby

mcddiss said...

espero que tu perrita se recupere pronto, esos muebles y esos dulces son preciosos



Cinderella Moments said...

I'm sorry about your little dog. I hope she's better today.
Your Christmas miniatures are so delightful. A feast for the eyes. I do so love coming by. It's so warm and welcoming in your little kitchen. Gorgeous as always!

Vicky Lovejoy said...

I'm sending lots of love to your precious little Mini, I hope she gets better soon!!!
I love all these fantstic Christmas things you've been making Kim, everything is so colourful and gorgeous!!
Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

Siru said...

What a nice dog! Looks like a toy. :)

ineke zeegers said...

i hope your mini is getting well very soon. i love your christmas kitchen cookies and os
love ineke

ineke zeegers said...

i hope your mini is getting well very soon. i love your christmas kitchen cookies and os
love ineke

amy fletcher said...

As always your creations are just precious! I hope Mini is feeling better now too! :)

carolina said...

Los trabajos son maravillosos, la cocina encantadora....perfecto!!!
Espero que su adorable perro este mucho mejor.
Un besín,

Tanja - SugarCharmShop said...

It looks delicious, I really feel like making a batch of real cookies now. Love this :)

Anonymous said...

I am so excited that I have just found your blog! I have just started using minatures-great to get some ideas

Susan said...

I hope Mini is doing ok and that you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas with family.

Deb said...

Hi Kim, my name is Debbie & I live in Seattle. I just found your blog site for the first time tonight & I am totally mesmerized by your miniatures! I was going thru Mercedes old blogs on "Liberty Biberty" & she had a lead to you that sounded interesting to check out. Boy am I glad I did! Please tell me how on earth you get your sugar cookies (my total favorite cookie is iced sugar cookie by the way) to look so utterly realistic? Not only can I smell the sugar, but my mouth is watering. I had to settle for an oatmeal-cranberry cookie that I baked tonight. Needless to say I will be bookmarking your blog for future visits. I hope you post often, but at least I have lots of older blogs to keep me fascinated in the mean time. I have recently started crafting minis again myself and I had forgotten how much fun it is. I'm sure I'll be getting lots of ideas from your blogs. That's all for now. Thank you for posting for people like me to enjoy!

P.S. Do you still do giveaways now & then? I would be over the moon if I ever won any of your minis!

Deb said...

Hi Kim, it's me, Deb again. Just wanted to say that I hope you are well & busy crafting new minis. I am anxiously looking forward to new pictures. I just love entering into the mini delightful scenes that you create. Have a wonderful weekend filled with simple pleasures that make you happy. Mini hugs.

zayra todd said...

How do you know when you are done with a room?I find myself obsesing on filling it up.

zayra todd said...

How do you know when you are done with a room?I find myself obsesing on filling it up.

zayra todd said...

Any ideas on how to keep everything to scale? Sometimes I make a mini that is either too mini or to big for a room. :(