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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just another week of creativity

Yes, they are clay

Cupcakes with coconut

Shabby cake stands

Ooey Gooey marshmallow goodness

Let's make cupcakes

A new table

Another cherry pie

Candy apple with sprinkles

Never get tired of blueberry muffins

Looks like a party


 I hope you enjoyed yet another week in my miniature life. I really love what I do and hope that I will always be able to do it. Glad to see that people still like to visit the blog, wasn't sure anymore. I will promise to share my week on a regular basis. Please come check it out and if you want leave me a comment, I'm happy when you do and read them always :) Till next time. Mini hugs~


Helen said...

Hi Kim!
Beautiful work! Your cupcakes look so real! I am amazed at your talent!
Your blog is an absolute delight - so many images to marvel at!
Sending hugs to you! x

Rachel said...

They look so yummy! so exquisite!

kimsminiatures said...

Thanks so much :)

Plushpussycat said...

Hi Kim! Brilliant!!! I love looking at your images and only recently re-discovered your blog. It's a gem! xo Jennifer

kimsminiatures said...

Wonderful Jennifer. Thank you :)

Susan said...

I always visit and love seeing your work!!

kimsminiatures said...

Hi Susan, Thank you :)

Cath said...

Hi Kim, I follow your blog because I am absolutely facinated by miniatures and yours are so beautifully made. Good enough to eat!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Rebecca Young said...

SO BEAUTIFUL! Your work is very inspiring, in both the mini and big kitchens! :D

Bárbara Gutiérrez said...

cuando vi la primera foto se me hizo agua la boca !! y entre pensando encontrar una receta !!! ja ja :)
se ven genial ! :)

Cote said...

Felicidades un trabajo fantástico!! Tus dulces son perfectos!!

Vicky Lovejoy said...

What a lovely post Kim. looking at your beautiful photos always brings me so much joy and I'm really happy that you will be posting every week!!
Those blueberry muffins look so delicious and I love the candy aplle with sprinkles. Everything is always so gorgeous in your mini world!!
Hugs Vicky ♥ ♥

miniacollection said...

You've been very busy. Everything looks very yummy and gorgeous.

kimsminiatures said...

Thank you so much. I'm so glad to know you all still enjoy the blog and I will be happy to keep the posts coming :) Hugs~ Kim

Claudia said...

Love the coconut cup cakes and the shabby cake stands, Kim1


Cinderella Moments said...

The gorgeousness is amazing!! It just makes me so happy to visit your blog and see your creations. You got so much done. You're making me feel bad about not finishing my work. LOL!
lots of hugs,

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Oh, they look so realistic and delicious! Mini hugs, Natalia

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Oh, they look so realistic and delicious! Mini hugs, Natalia