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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something I have wanted to do for awhile.....

I had such a nice time with the shabby hutch for Mandy it made me want to finish up some of my other shabby projects. It has made me remember just how much I love it. I think I will be doing some more. I've been baking too...... still not tired of that Lol Happy graduation to everyone with someone special graduating.It's such a exciting time! We are off to more celebrations today.....more food to eat.
Mini hugs!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Linda tagged me........

Okay so I have been tagged by the extremely talented Linda (Linsminis). Please if you haven't checked out her beautiful work yet you must
So now I'm to list 6 things that make me happy~

1) Random hugs from my kids. (They older now so it is a real treat to get a hug.)

2) The sound of a hard rain in the afternoon and the clean smell that follows in the air

3) Doggie kisses. (Sorry they make me happy) I love my doggies!

4) Roses right after they open.... so pretty!

5) Fitting into a old pair of jeans!

6) Eating chocolate while working on miniatures!!!! The best!!!!

Now I must tag 6 bloggers by leaving a comment on their blogs letting them know they have been tagged! Okay.......... let the fun begin. Thanks Linda. Your work is so wonderful.

Mini hugs!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A special request hutch.....One of my favorite things to make!

Well I have been busy working on some fun special requests. I thought I would share this one here. I love doing shabby hutches. I haven't done one in awhile. I had some fun with this one. I hope she likes it. I should have some more yummy stuff to share soon. Mini hugs!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cupcakes make me smile.......Even when its 100 degrees outside!

I made this happy little cupcake scene yesterday while trying to stay cool. We had a very hot weekend here. Makes woring with clay a little more difficult but I did make this. I watched life time movies and ate ice cream. The perfect day really. "No honey..... its too hot for house work".
Its cooler today so no excuses for me. Plenty to do! Mini hugs!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Someone else loves chocolate too.........

I've had a super busy week. Glad it is almost the weekend. Wanted to share this table I just finished up.It was a special request from Mandy. She loves miniatures and chocolate so she wanted some major chocolate baking going on with the shabby look thrown in there too! Here it is! I hope she loves it. Hope everyone has a Happy weekend! Mini hugs!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day......Well did they or didn't they?

They did!!!!!! I got a little princess cake. I don't know where the powdered sugar is but it looks like my mini version. Yay! I also got a purple colored slice of princess cake from my friend and neighbor. A wonderful surprise. Thanks so much Patti. You are awesome. I also got some pretty roses and a new desk to work on Minis. What a great day! I love my family and they love me!
I hope everyone had a Happy Mothers day. Mini hugs!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Early Mothers day with Hannah......

Today I was taken to lunch by my oldest daughter for Mothers day. She has to work so she thought it would be fun to take me today instead. Of course Minnie dog was there too! This is Hannah and she is 19. My friend. I love you Hannah. No princess cake today but I'm still hoping. Today was a wonderful surprise. Hannah told me I had to put a pic of Minnie and me too! Lol So here it is! This little dog is always with me. Love you too Minnie dog!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dropping hints for Mothers Day......

I was in our local french bakery Friday with my daughter and they had a flyer on the counter for the princess cake for Mothers Day! I haven't had this in soooooo long. They even sell it sliced but there wasn't any .It was the end of the day. Well I scooped up a couple of the little flyers and have put them around the house ........then yesterday I decided to make some in miniature. Surely they will notice them. Hint hint hint .... I guess time will tell.
I thought I would share my miniature versions here. The princess cake is white chiffon cake filled with raspberry and Bavarian custard whipped cream and draped with traditional marzipan.
How does that sound? Like the perfect Mothers day dessert to me! I know ...What about chocolate?..... well thats everyday for me! Mini hugs!