Creating a beautiful life one mini at a time..........

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A shabby baking's project

So todays work is a shabby baking hutch, along with 4 loads of laundry and a pot roast. Still trying to get caught up here in my real world. I think everyone has socks again. Miniature world is always calling to me. This one has been sitting around just waiting to be finished. So its done too! I hope you like it. I hope to have more mini time tomorrow now that some house work has been done. Mini hugs!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a busy.... but fun weekend and its not over yet!

Well I'm starting to get back into the blog posting again and I had some fun things to share with you. I made a little cupcake inspired by the cupcake on Mercedes card and I found some time yesterday to go thru my newest cookbooks. All are new releases and adorable. Yes I'm addicted to cute cookbooks. Christel knows what I mean Lol. These are all must haves. And.....last but not least I have included a sneek peek of a miniature bake shoppe I will be sharing soon ....Oh and did I mention there is another kitchen in the works? Well there is. So some fun things coming up. I'm enjoying miniatures more than ever and my creative juices are flowing. Turn off the bad news and lose yourself in miniatures. It really can make you feel better. Who wants to hear bad news anyway? Not me! Mini hugs!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Todays mini chores..........

So still smiling from my wonderful surprise from Mercedes and a big roombox order done and on its way......I had some time today to work on some miniature chores. I have been wanting to polish the old copper pots I got weeks ago and boy they look almost new again. I also wanted to play with the wonderful vintage bed that had the worst bedding ever displayed on it. I stripped all the old stuff off and I'm playing with its new look. I forgot to take a before pic but take my word for it was bad!!!!
I'm pretty happy so far. I worked on some baked goodies too but I will save those for another day. The flu has found its way to my house but not to me yet (crossed fingers it won't) Kids are miserable and Mom is playing with minis. Hope you are all feeling healthy and strong. Mini hugs!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sweetest Mail From New Zealand.......

Well I know it has been some time since I have blogged and I have really missed it so much. Today to my surprise in my mailbox instead of the usual bills was a package. A package that traveled all the way from New Zealand to me. I have taken pictures of the contents of my package. What a lucky girl I am. I can't even describe how wonderful these little things are. The couch, the shelf, the oh so cute cupcake pillows and not to mention the wonderful little books. I'm beyond thrilled. These are from another blog friend and talent miniaturist Mercedes. Her blog Liberty Biberty is a treat every time you visit so if you haven't yet you must not miss it. I promise you won't be disappointed ever. Thank you so much for making my day Mercedes. I have been very busy on a big special order that finally got finished today.
This was a wonderful surprise. I can't stop smiling. Mini hugs!