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Monday, November 19, 2012

Kindness is everything!

Congratulations to Penny Withem. Please let me know where to send the gift. Also congratulations to Arantxa too. Something special will be coming your way as well. Thanks so much everyone. Till next. Mini hugs~ Kim

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's better to give than receive

Something special for your mini kitchen

Glass jar with utensils, cookbook, beautiful wood cutting board, and cherry wood rolling pin too

Yes, I do, Thanks so much for all the love and support you give me always!

Okay, This lovely set  is  for some lucky friend out there. I ask NOTHING from you. I never have so I'm not going to start now. Just leave me a comment letting me know why your mini kitchen needs this. You don't have to follow my blog, like my page, share my page, NOTHING. Just let me know you want the chance for it to be yours. This is about ME letting YOU know how much I appreciate every kind word and support you show me. I wish I had one for everyone. But sadly I can only pick one. I will let you know who the lucky winner is Monday. Happy Weekend. Mini hugs!

I left my heart in my mini kitchen

Shabby styled wall cabinet filled with favorites

Vintage minis above the window

a bar for the towel

Well stocked kitchens are a must

Roses and pie

Vintage flatware

Candles and a cake stand to fill

Walk in pantry

Filled with love

Roses make me smile


Lets bake

       I do hope you have enjoyed this post featuring some of my kitchen favorites. I have been working on a new kitchen. It seems that I  left my heart there. It really makes me happy to be creating again, really creating again. I have trouble leaving it for real life things. Anyone else have that problem? 
Working on the lighting now. I have a wonderful old chandelier and a light bulb style light for the pantry. I will share pictures soon  and you can let me know what you think. Once again I will leave you with a promise to post more often. I forget not everyone does facebook Lol.  Have a lovely weekend friends. Till next time. Mini hugs ~ Kim