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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Beginnings~

I could think of no better title for this long over do post than " New Beginnings". It perfectly describes my life right now. I have been away awhile I know but I have been very busy. Before my disappearance I was struggling with my kids getting older and just where that left me. Well that was really only the half of it. I have gone thru some very big changes , none of which were easy for me. We decided to sell our house of 11 years because we could no longer afford it. Talk about tough. I had 11 years of things to go thru and I don't like getting rid of things. There was lots of painting to do too. So I painted and as I was painting I cried and mourned the loss of my home. I thought about my kids and all the firsts that happened there......and I cried some more.
Really it had become more house than we needed and now it was time to go back to where I grew up. Closer to my mom, my brother and his family, and really closer to my kids who all seem to be moving in the same direction. It is a cute little house , with a room for making my miniatures. I will give you a little look at my new life . No not my miniature life this time. Oh and did I mention I have a porch? Well I do. So come on over for a visit and I will make cookies and lemonade.
Change is hard but it can be good too! So heres to new beginnings!
Glimpses of the kitchen. Still working on this shabby wall.
I hope to put recipes under the glass on the table.
My creative space. I hope to make many more miniatures here.
Will you join me for some mini making?
I love roses!
Mini is here too!
Emily's room. The only child living at home now.
The view from my new front door. Life is a series of doors. Old ones close and new ones open. I'm excited and nervous to see where my new life takes me. But I know I'm going to be okay. Till next time. Mini Hugs~