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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Happy Happy!!!

      I will never stop believing...............

(Mini *ologie ) the art of finding happiness in all things miniature

Fresh and happy!
Say hello to.......Christel Jensen
Never give up on your dreams....go out and catch them instead.
Okay.........So where do I begin. I know it has been awhile. I have been a very busy lady for the last year. I know I promised to blog more and it hasn't happened. I do keep a regular post going on facebook though. That's something! Right? 
I'm here today to share with you this happy, beautiful little dream called "Miniologie". I joined with 2 other talented artists on this one. Cynthia Sperin and Maritza Moran!!!!! We came together and realized, that we all shared a common dream. You are about to see that dream un- fold.   Have you ever found yourself alone in your mini world with your crazy passion for miniatures?  Or are you one of the lucky ones who has many friends around you who share the same love of miniatures? I turned to the internet many years ago and found so many wonderful friends to share this beautiful hobby with. So glad I did!
  Many things in my life have changed but my love for miniatures and miniature decorating never has and I know never will. To have the chance to do this and to put all my love and passion for miniatures in a Seasonal publication,  Wow! A place to share, love and be happy.
Anyone who knows me will tell you I have tons of cookbooks and home magazines. I can't go anywhere without buying one. It really is no surprise to me that I would want to do this. It has been in my mind and many other minds too.  A decorating, inspirational, miniature magazine, done in the different Season's. There is nothing like it. That's what makes it special. We didn't want to do something already being done. It's something new!  I'm thrilled with how this first issue turned out. Just wait till the "Fall" issue.........
So thrilled that the beautiful and talented Christel Jensen joined us in this first "Summer" issue. If you don't know Christel yet, you will after reading her wonderful story about her and her sweet little mice.
Here is the link if you want Miniologie for yourself. Don't ever give up on your dream's my friends and don't stop believing! If one dream doesn't work out, just keep trying........Mini hugs and love always!