Creating a beautiful life one mini at a time..........

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love is in the air at my house......

Love is in the air at my house and so are birthdays. My son turned 17 on Thursday and my daughter turned 20 on Friday. Today I put Hannah on a plane with her friend for a week long trip. Part of her birthday. Let me tell you it is so hard to let her go. I know I have too but it is so hard. I hoping the time will go by quickly especially since I have so much to do.
I thought I would share some pictures of just one of things I have been working on. I love Valentines day. It is my favorite to do in miniature. This is a special request sneak peek as I'm not quite done yet.....I do hope she loves it. Well back to keeping my mind off of Hannah. Mini hugs!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In my spare time I work on a mini bakery......

We are having big storms here and I spent most of the day with no power.It makes mini making very hard. A bigger storm is coming tomorrow. I thought I would put this post up tonight just in case the next couple days my computer time is effected by this bad weather.
I had a great time with the giveaway and so glad so many of you had fun with it too. Mandy is very happy and that makes me happy.
I thought I would share some pictures of the display cases I'm working on filling for a mini bakery project. I have a long way to go and many many more cupcakes to make. But you get the idea. I need to go take some more little cupcakes from the oven. Mini hugs!

And the winner is........

Congratulations Mandy (Wish on a whisker) You were the name picked. She has a lovely blog too! you should pop over for a visit. I hope you love your little hutch. Please send me your mailing info and I will get this sent out to you right away.
Thank you to everyone who left comments. I wish I could give you all a prize. I loved reading all your favorites. Thanks again. This was fun. Now back to work. Mini hugs!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Okay.....Are you ready?....Here it is!

This is my way of showing my appreciation for all your kindness. I will give this vintage corner hutch painted, decorated and filled by me! I hope you like it. All you have to do is leave me a comment. I also want to know the name of your favorite bakery and your favorite thing to eat there. Thats it... easy right? I will go first. My favorite bakery here where I live is called"Costeaux" french bakery. I love many things they make there but I especially love the frosted sugar cookies. I will pick a winner Monday night 48 hours from now. Have fun and good luck! Mini hugs my friends and thanks so much for all your kindness!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Shhhhhh.......I have a secret.....

Wow! I have been blown away by the fact that so many of you lovely people want to follow my blog. Soooooo keep watching for a special give away you won't want to miss! Mini hugs!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My obsession with the miniature cinnamon roll........

Can you smell the warm cinnamon?

Sitting pretty waiting to be iced.......

2 mini rolls done many more to go!

So I had a special request for some miniature cinnamon rolls with no icing. I have made them before but this time I really wanted to make them look the best I could. We even baked some real ones so I could get the look just right. The best model ever is right there in front of you. So taking a bite of a warm roll........ I iced my mini rolls. The kitchen smelled delicious! Iced or un-iced I love cinnamon rolls. Today's been good. Mini hugs!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm in the mood for a miniature valentine....

Cookie hearts and chocolate a part of my miniature dream today!

Pretty Valentine heart cookie and my favorite magazine!

Angel love.......I believe do.....Do you?

Bonnie Justice dolls always make me smile.......

I bet you will smile too!
So call it the after Christmas blues? Or the tired of being sick blues but I'm trying very hard to feel happy today. I took some pictures of my miniatures to share with you and I think they capture a happy feeling. I have many things I want to accomplish in this New Year and so Valentines miniatures will be where I start. Happy weekend everyone! Mini hugs!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year friends and Rosanna's swap....

Romance and Valentines shown in miniature.......

Cookies say" I love you" in any size!

Tiny tea cup and special surprise from a wonderful friend
Thank you! Marisa ....

Lovely wreath made from Sanibel mini sea shells
Close up shows even more beauty ....Love
Thank you!

I wanted to wish everyone a Very Very Happy New Year! I really wanted to post sooner but Christmas brought me a nasty cold this year. Felt somewhat normal today so I took some pictures and made this post. I can't wait to see what 2010 brings for us all. I have enjoyed blogging for all of 2009.Thanks everyone for all your kindness and friendship. Really gave me so much this past year!
Also I wanted to share pictures of the wonderful gift made for me by Susan . Truly a lovely lovely piece. There was also some little wrapped gifts that I put under my mini Christmas tree. I will put them there every year. Look at all the tiny shells. Thanks so much and thank you Rosanna for organizing the swap. You are such a lovely person inside and out. Mini hugs!